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By Chee Theng posted 02-28-2022 08:47 PM


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In Your MME February 2022 Issue:

Preface to the MME Special Focus Issue in Memory of Emeritus Professor Frank F. Aplan: Between Theory and Practice
Barbara J. Arnold

Influence of substrate roughness on particle adhesion and concentration
Bernardo Moreno Baqueiro Sansao, William M. Cross, Albert Romkes & Jon J. Kellar

X-ray Computed Tomography Evaluation of Crushed Copper Sulfide Ore for Pre-concentration by Ore Sorting
Jiaqi Jin, Chen-Luh Lin, Jan D. Miller, Chaoxun Zhao & Taiyou Li

Thermo-adhesive Separation: a Novel Dry Coal Beneficiation Technique
D. P. Patil & B. K. Parekh

Novel Methods for Bastnaesite Concentrate Leaching
Grant Colligan, Brock O’Kelley & Corby Anderson

Fundamentals and Applications of Green Modifiers for Froth Flotation
Maoming Fan & Andrew Hobert

The Reprocessing and Revalorization of Critical Minerals in Mine Tailings
Caden Vitti & Barbara J. Arnold

Results of an Opioid Hazard Awareness Training Intervention for Stone, Sand, and Gravel Miners
Cora Roelofs

A Scale Model Experimental Study for Estimating the Productivity of Bulk Push Dozer Operations in Hard Rock Mining
Royal Rea, Peter Knights & Mehmet Kizil

An Overview of Existing EMI Standards Applicable to Mining
Matthew Girman, Miguel Reyes & Chenming Zhou

Coupled Finite-Difference and Discrete-Element Method for Modelling Direct Shear Tests on Combined Rock-Cemented Rockfill Specimens
Chong Wei, Derek Apel & Tatyana Katsaga

Effect of Bucket Geometry, Machine Variables, and Fragmentation Size on Performance of Rubber-Tired Loaders
Atta Ur Rehman & Kwame Awuah-Offei

Alkaline Hydrothermal Treatment and Leaching Kinetics of Silicon from Laterite Nickel Ore
Shiyuan Cao, Longjiao Chang, Xiaolong Bi, Shaohua Luo & Jianan Liu

Numerical Modeling Simulation and Experimental Study of Dynamic Particle Bed Counter Current Reactor and Its Effect on Solid–Gas Reduction Reaction
P. C. Jikar, N. B. Dhokey & S. S. Shinde

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Study for Silver Recovery by Electrocoagulation Process
Erick Montaño, Víctor Vázquez, Jesús L. Valenzuela, Guillermo Tiburcio, José Parga, Alejandro Valenzuela & Martin Encinas

Rare Earth Elements Distribution During Phosphoric Acid Production
Ahmed Mahrou, Mohammed Hakkar, Rim Jouraiphy, Fatima Ezzahra Arhouni, Hamid Mazouz, Aziz Boukhair & Mohammed Fahad

Characterization of Preg-Robbing Carbonaceous Minerals from the Shuiyindong Carlin-Type Gold Deposit Via Spectroscopic Techniques
Wei Sung Ng, Yi Yang, Xiuzhu Su, Shuiping Zhong & Miao Chen

Evaluation of the Compression Potential of Serpentine Rock Masses of the Bou Azzer Mining District in the Central Anti-Atlas of Morocco
Anas Driouch, Latifa Ouadif, Abdelaziz Lahmili & Mohammed Amine Belmi