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By Chee Theng posted 12-03-2021 10:38 PM


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In Your MME December 2021 Issue:

Applications of Wireless Indoor Positioning Systems and Technologies in Underground Mining: a Review
Masoud Zare, Rushikesh Battulwar, Joseph Seamons & Javad Sattarvand

Out of the Comfort Zone: Quantifying Country Risk for Foreign Mining Project Investment Feasibilities
Matt Renaud & Mustafa Kumral

Characterizing the Mitigation of Substrate Damage Within Underground Structural Liners Through Utilization of Waterjet Technology for Rehabilitation Work
Josef Bourgeois, Hugh Miller & Erik Charrier

Effectiveness of Similitude Theory for Bucket Design and Analysis for Rubber Tire Loaders
Atta Ur Rehman & Kwame Awuah-Offei

Improved R70 Method for Evaluating Heat of Wetting Effects on Low Rank Coal’s Self-heating Process
Y. Luo & Yinan Zhang

Influence of the Coal Seam Strength on the Boundary of a Top Coal Limit Equilibrium Zone in a Fully Mechanized Top Coal Caving Stope
Ding Lang, Xiaobo Wu, Yongping Wu, Panshi Xie, Jiandong Yu, Xiaobo Zhang & Kun Feng

Hydraulic Shovel Digging Phase Simulation and Force Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques
Jessica W. A. Azure, Prosper E. A. Ayawah, Azupuri G. A. Kaba, Forsyth A. Kadingdi & Samuel Frimpong

Uncertainty Estimation in Blast Vibration Attenuation Model Using Bayesian Probabilistic Approach
S. Rukhaiyar, M. Ramulu, P. B. Choudhury, G. Pradeep & P. K. Singh

Field Monitoring of Delayed Coal Burst in an Advancing Entry of a Deep Coal Mine
Qingwen Shi, Junfeng Pan, Shuwen Wang, Shaohong Liu, Brijes Mishra & Shannon Seitz

A New Perspective of Wet Kata Cooling Power as a Predictor for Thermal Stress in Underground Mines
Aditya Pandey, Srivatsan Jayaraman Sridharan, Anmaya Naik, Asif Ahmad & Bhamidipati S. Sastry

In Situ Assessment of the Effectiveness of an Undisturbed Single Driving Entry’s Relief Borehole in Coal Burst-prone Seam
Qingwen Shi, Brijes Mishra, Shuwen Wang & Gang Xu

A Neuro-numeric Approach for Flyrock Prediction and Safe Distances Definition
Saša Stojadinović, Dejan Petrović, Jelena Ivaz & Pavle Stojković

A Panoramic Overview of Chlorination and Carbochlorination of Light Rare Earth Oxides, Including Thermodynamic, Reaction Mechanism, and Kinetic Aspects
Federico J. Pomiro, Juan P. Gaviría, Gastón G. Fouga, Ana E. Bohé & Georgina De Micco

Utilization of Low Activity CFBC Ash in Cemented Paste Backfill Containing Phosphate Tailings
Huiqin Yao & Dongmei Liu

Effect of Corn Oil Addition to TCMA-Modified Clay on ZEN Removal
Kerri-Ann A. Hue, Ayman A. El-Midany & Hassan E. El-Shall

Thermal Decomposition of Mica Scrap for Potash Recovery Using Carbide Lime Waste and Sodium Chloride
Sandeep Kumar Jena, Sarada Prasad Das, Sachida Nanda Sahu, Jogeshwara Sahu & Sapan Kumar Kandi

New Process for Recovery of Ultra Fine Coal by Pre-Treatment with Surfactant
Mohammed N. Azad, Abhay S. Patra, D. Sachinraj, P. Samanta, A. K. Mukherjee & Gustad F. Taraporewalla

Comparison of Sodium Oleate and Sodium Petroleum Sulfonate for Low-Temperature Flotation of Fluorite and the Collecting Mechanisms
Zijie Ren, Yanxu Shen, Huimin Gao, Hao Chen, Cheng Liu & Zhijie Chen

Response Surface Method Optimization of Mixed Acid Leaching Parameters for Scheelite Concentrate
Tao Tu, Hao Guo, Qingsheng Liu & Xuezhong Wang

Influence of Iron Ore Sinter Base Mix Fines (− 0.150 mm) Size on Mineralogy and Physical and Metallurgical Properties of the Sinter
Umadevi, M. Raju, K. S. Sridhara, M. Siddaraju, B. D. Ganesh Shetty & Rameshwar Sah

Modeling of Au Chlorination Leaching Kinetics from Copper Anode Slime
Molood Saeedi, Nima Sadeghi & Eskandar Keshavarz Alamdari

Using Rock Geomechanical Characteristics to Estimate Bond Work Index for Mining Production Blocks
Arshad Ranjbar, Amin Mousavi & Omid Asghari