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SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: New issue online; Submit your paper!

By Chee Theng posted 09-30-2021 03:06 PM


Read and download the October 2021 issue of the SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration journal (free for SME members): 

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Call for Papers for Special Focus Issue on Mine Ventilation Innovations
Submit by: October 31, 2021

In Your MME October 2021 Issue:

Mining in the Newspapers: Local and Regional Media Representations of Mineral Exploration and Mining in Finland, Germany, and Spain
Jari Lyytimäki, Ludger Benighaus, Javier Gómez, Christina Benighaus, Sari Kauppi, Juha M. Kotilainen, Tuija Mononen & Virginia del Rio

Bulking Based Porosity Method to Predict Floodable Volume of Longwall Gob
Joshua M. Silvis, Greg J. Hasenfus & Allison M. Haines

Safety Climate in MT Mining: A Case Study
Ty Murphy, Hadi Aldossari, Lorri Birkenbuel, Scott Rosenthal, Daniel Autenrieth, Michael McGivern & David Gilkey

The Mercer Clay in Pennsylvania as a Polymetallic Mineral Resource: Review and Update
Peter L. Rozelle, Maureen D. Feineman, Timothy S. White, Nicholas A. Crescenzo, Lee R. Kump, Alan R. Larson & Sarma V. Pisupati

On the Use of Machine Learning for Mineral Resource Classification
Ilkay S. Cevik, Oy Leuangthong, Antoine Caté & Julián M. Ortiz

Characterization and Evaluation of Recycling Potential for Discarded Laptops
Shaila Mir & Nikhil Dhawan

Selective Leaching of Arsenic from High-Arsenic Dust in the Alkaline System and its Prediction Model Using Artificial Neural Network
Xiao-dong Lv, Gang Li, Yun-tao Xin, Kang Yan & Yu Yi

A Discrete Event Simulation and Data-Based Framework for Equipment Performance Evaluation in Underground Coal Mining

Enver Yilmaz & Mustafa Erkayaoglu

Blasted Ore Losses and Mineral Reserve: Reconciliation Approaches and Impact on Stope Performance
Sebastián Ibarra-Gutiérrez & Marcel Laflamme

Investigation of the Rockburst Mechanism of Driving Roadways in Close-Distance Coal Seam Mining Using Numerical Modeling Method
Jun Wang, Derek B. Apel, Artur Dyczko, Andrzej Walentek, Stanisław Prusek, Huawei Xu & Chong Wei

Estimation of Specific Energy and Evaluation of Roadheader Performance Using Rock Properties and Bond Work Index
Hakan Özşen, Arif Emre Dursun & Ali Aras

Hand-Arm Vibration Controls for Jackleg Rock Drills: a Pilot Study Assessing Ergonomic Hazards
Ciara Kremer, Daniel Autenrieth, Theresa Stack, Scott Rosenthal & Dave Gilkey

Experimental Investigation of Time-Dependent Deformation in Brittle Marcellus Shale
Neel Gupta & Brijes Mishra

Developing an Empirical Summation Chart on the Distribution of Extension Fractures in Matured Yielding Pillars Using Geophysical Technique and an Optical Instrument
Fhatuwani Sengani

Investigation of Work Accidents in Underground and Surface Coal Mining Activities of Western Lignite Corporation by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
Cem Şensöğüt, Yaşar Kasap & Özer Ören

Study on Mining Pressure Law and Pressure Relief Control under Influence of Key Layer
Xiaoding Xu, Manchao He & Yubing Gao

Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Sandstone Using Lee’s Apparatus: A Case Study
Aditya Pandey, Pavan Kumar Kattamuri & Bhamidipati S. Sastry

A Memory Cutting Method of Virtual Shearer Based on Shape Track Prediction of AFC
Xie Jiacheng, Yan Zewen, Wang Xuewen & Bao Qingbao

Development of ANN-Based Universal Predictor for Prediction of Blast-Induced Vibration Indicators and its Performance Comparison with Existing Empirical Models
Amit Kumar Gorai, Vivek Kumar Himanshu & Chiranjibi Santi

Trace Elements Geochemistry of In Situ Regolith Materials and Their Implication on Gold Mineralization and Exploration Targeting, Dodoma Region, East Africa
Benatus Norbert Mvile, Mahamuda Abu & John Kalimenze

Major Step for Phosphate Exploration in the Jerid Area, Southwest Tunisia: Reconstitution of the Paleocene-Eocene Series Geometry via Borehole Data and Seismic Reflection Profiles
Rihab Guellala

Occurrences, Distribution, and Evaluation of Manganese Ores in Banswara Manganese Ore Belt, Banswara District (Rajasthan), India
Mohd Shaif, F. N. Siddiquie, Rajiullah Khan & Juned Alam

Additives in Selective Reduction of Lateritic Nickel Ores: Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Carbonate, and Sodium Chloride
B. Suharno, F. Nurjaman, C. Ramadini & A. Shofi

Desilication Application and Defoaming Mechanism of XK-28 Collector in Iron Ore
Zhao Tonglin, Li Min, Xu Bing, Ma Fangyuan & Xian Yushuai

Effect of MgO on Highly Basic Sinters with High Al2O3
Zhengming Yi, Qiang Liu & Huijun Shao

Influence of Amino and Organic Acid Structure on the Extraction of Gold from Silicate Ore
Kanjana Kudpeng & Paitip Thiravetyan

Selective Flotation of Quartz from Hematite by Amide-Amine: Fundamental Studies
Geriane Macedo Rocha, Joyce de Assis Silva, Kerollan da Silva Ramos & Rosa Malena Fernandes Lima

Microwave Pretreatment on Copper Sulfide Ore: Comparison of Ball Mill Grinding and Bed Breakage Mechanism
Kianoush Barani, M. R. Azadi & Farzad Moradpouri

Study of Straw Charcoal as Reductant in Co-reduction Roasting of Laterite Ore and Red Mud to Prepare Powdered Ferronickel
Xiaoshuang Guo, Zhengyao Li, Jicai Han, Dong Yang & Tichang Sun

The Modeling and Optimization of Iron Removal from Silica Sand Under Ultrasound-Assisted Leaching by Response Surface Methodology
Volkan Arslan

Purification and Removal of Hematite from Talc by Acid Leaching Assisted by Chlorination Techniques
Nisar Muhammad, Waqas Ahmad, Mudassar Khan, Muhammad Salman & Arshad Ali

Usage of Fly Ash as Binder in Micropelletization Process as a Partial Replacement of Bentonite
Sivalingaraju Barisetty, Rameshwar Sah, Shyam Yadav, L. R. Singh & P. K. Ghorui

Thermodynamics of the Selective Separation of La(III) and Y(III) from Nitrate Medium by D2EHPA in the Presence of Al(III) and Ca(II) Impurities
Shahab Alizadeh, Mahmoud Abdollahy, Ahmad Khodadadi Darban & Mehdi Mohseni

Characteristics Evaluation and High Effective Utilization of Limonite Ores in Sintering Process
Hongsheng He, Xiaofang Lv & Jianfeng Wang

Replacing Dichromate with Polysaccharide Depressant in Cu-Pb Separation: Lab Bench Tests and Plant Trials in Zijin Mining
Zhian Liang, Guoyao Li, Zhuanhua Wei, Weixin Wu, Xiong Huang, Junrong Wang, Lifeng Cui, Xiao Ni & Shuiping Zhong

2021 MPD Student Video Contest – Winning Abstracts
Aaron Noble & Qingqing Huang