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SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: New issue online

By Chee Theng posted 05-05-2021 04:10 PM


Check out the April issue of the SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal (free for SME members), with nine papers focusing on Managing Gangue Minerals along with more than 30 regular papers on Mining, Mineral and Metallurgical Processing, and Exploration: 

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CALL FOR PAPERS! Between Theory and Practice: MME Special Focus Issue in Honor of Frank F. Aplan
Frank F. Aplan, Emeritus Professor of Metallurgy and Mineral Processing at The Pennsylvania State University, lived a long and rather remarkable life, passing in November 2020 at the age of 97. He influenced his students and colleagues alike with his enthusiasm for living, love of jazz and wine and history, and passion for mineral processing, especially putting theory into practice. Much of his work was based on process mineralogy principles—knowing first the characteristics of the mineral or material and then understanding the appropriate processes for beneficiation. This special focus issue will include papers focused on applications of process mineralogy in the areas of the froth flotation of coal and ores, beneficiation of rare earth elements and other critical minerals, flocculation, heavy media separations, process design and other related topics.
Guest Editor: Barbara J. Arnold, Ph.D., P.E., Penn State

Submit by June 30, 2021. Email Chee Theng at if you have questions or need help.

To submit your paper, go to (MME has an impact factor of 1.020 and is abstracted and indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science), Scopus, Google Scholar, Ebsco, ProQuest and many more!)

Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal, April 2021:

Preface to the Special Focus Issue on Managing Gangue Minerals
Yongjun Peng & Tarun Bhambhani

Entrainment of Gangue Minerals in Froth Flotation: Mechanisms, Models, Controlling Factors, and Abatement Techniques—a Review
Chao Wang, Chunbao Sun & Qi Liu

The Interaction between Cations in Saline Water and Calcium Bentonite in Copper Flotation
Linbo Huang, Siyu Song, Guohua Gu & Yanhong Wang

Preconcentration of Iron, Rare Earth, and Fluorite from Bayan Obo Ore Using Superconducting Magnetic Separation
Jieliang Wang, Peng Zu, Shiwen Yi & Zhao Cao

A New Approach to Selectively Reject Naturally Hydrophobic Gangue in the Flotation of Base Metal Sulphide Minerals
Xumeng Chen, Sunfangze Liu & Yongjun Peng

Development and Reconciliation of a Mine Operation Value Chain Flowsheet in IES to Enable Grade Engineering and Process Mass Simulations for Scale-up and Strategic Planning Analysis
E. Amini, M. Becerra, T. Bachmann, N. Beaton & G. Shapland

Effect of Transition Metal Impurities on the Adsorption of Flotation Reagents on Pyrite Surface
Yingchao Liu, Yuqiong Li, Jianhua Chen & Mingfei He

The Potential of Modified Starches as Mineral Flotation Depressants
Brenton Fletcher, Wonder Chimonyo & Yongjun Peng

Selectively Depress Copper-Activated Pyrite in Copper Flotation at Slightly Alkaline pH
Yufan Mu & Yongjun Peng

The Effects of Phosphate Gangue on the Leaching of Uranium from Brannerite
Rorie Gilligan & Aleksandar Naum Nikoloski

The Critical Minerals Initiative of the US Geological Survey’s Mineral Deposit Database Project: USMIN
Jeffrey L. Mauk, Nicholas A. Karl, Carma A. San Juan, Liam Knudsen, Germán Schmeda, Clayton Forbush, Bradley S. Van Gosen, Morgan Mullins & Patrick Scott

Extending geometallurgy to the mine scale with hyperspectral imaging: a pilot study using drone- and ground-based scanning
Isabel F. Barton, Matthew J. Gabriel, John Lyons-Baral, Mark D. Barton, Leon Duplessis & Carson Roberts

Modelling Global Nickel Mining, Supply, Recycling, Stocks-in-Use and Price Under Different Resources and Demand Assumptions for 1850–2200
Anna Hulda Olafsdottir & Harald Ulrik Sverdrup

Relationship Between Capillary Water Absorption Value, Capillary Water Absorption Speed, and Capillary Rise Height in Pyroclastic Rocks
İsmail İnce

Occurrence Modes of Niobium in Kaolin Clay From Guizhou, China
Li Zhu, Hannian Gu, Yongqiong Yang, Hanjie Wen, Shengjiang Du, Chongguang Luo & Ning Wang

Analytical Modeling of a Synthetic VMS Deposit Data: a Proxy Tool for Education and Initial Research
Viktor Lishchuk, Elena Haller, Olof Martinsson & Tobias E Bauer

Study of the Textural Changes in the Nowshera (Pakistan) Ca-Bentonite Caused by the Physical Purification Before and After NaCl Treatment
Liaqat Ali Shah, Muhammad Farooq, Zait Ullah Shah & Francisco Rolando Valenzuela-Díaz

Moderate Cover Bleeder Entry and Standing Support Performance in a Longwall Mine: a Case Study
Mark Alexander Van Dyke, Ted M. Klemetti, Ihsan Berk Tulu & Deniz Tuncay

Fracture Pattern of Overlying Strata in Multiple Coal Seam Mining in a Physical Model Vis-à-vis MATLAB Analysis and Geological Radar
Chunlei Zhang, Yong Zhang, Jianping Zuo & Shouyang Gao

Using LSTM and ARIMA to Simulate and Predict Limestone Price Variations
Chunlei Zhang, Yong Zhang, Jianping Zuo & Shouyang Gao

Strata Stability Investigation and Convergence Monitoring (SSICM) in Thick-Seam Depillaring with Caving by Cable Bolting Method
Aveek Mangal

An Algorithm for Evaluation of Mining Cycle Parameters and Analysis of Periodic Roof Weighting Using Monitored Longwall Shield Pressures and Shearer Location
V. N. S. Prasad.M, Debasis Deb, Anand Kumar & A. K. Mishra

Analysis of the Impacts of Mining Sequence and Overburden Depth on Stability at a Dipping Limestone Mine
M. M. Sears, B. Slaker, G. Rashed & J. Miller

A Parametric Study for the Effect of Dip on Stone Mine Pillar Stability Using a Simplified Model Geometry
Gamal Rashed, Brent Slaker, Morgan M. Sears & Michael M. Murphy

Cable Disc Elevator: Static Friction Investigation
C. Webb & M. A. Tuck

Enhanced Subsurface Subsidence Prediction Model Incorporating Key Strata Theory
Jian Yang & Yi Luo

Large-Scale Explosion Propagation Testing of Treated and Non-treated Rock Dust When Overlain by a Thin Layer of Coal Dust
Inoka E. Perera, Marcia L. Harris, Michael J. Sapko, Zdzisław Dyduch, Krzysztof Cybulski, Robert Hildebrandt & Gerrit V. R. Goodman

Why Do Haul Truck Fatal Accidents Keep Occurring?
Jennica L. Bellanca, Margaret E. Ryan, Timothy J. Orr & Robin J. Burgess-Limerick

Analysis of Mining Lost Time Incident Duration Influencing Factors Through Machine Learning
Muhammet Mustafa Kahraman

Stability Mechanism and Control Technology for Fully Mechanized Caving Mining of Steeply Inclined Extra-Thick Seams with Variable Angles
Wang Hongwei, Wu Yongping, Jiao Jianqiang & Cao Peipei

Empirical Approach Based Estimation of Charge Factor and Dimensional Parameters in Underground Blasting
Vivek Kumar Himanshu, M. P. Roy, Ravi Shankar, A. K. Mishra & P. K. Singh

Rock Fragmentation Size Distribution Prediction and Blasting Parameter Optimization Based on the Muck-Pile Model
Yusong Miao, Yiping Zhang, Di Wu, Kebin Li, Xianrong Yan & Jie Lin

A Stability Classification System for the Dragline Dump Slope
Ashutosh Kumar Bharati, Arunava Ray, Rajesh Rai & B. K. Shrivastva

Experimental Study of Dynamic Mechanical Response and Energy Dissipation of Rock Having a Circular Opening Under Impact Loading
Hao Wu, Bing Dai, Li Cheng, Rong Lu, Guoyan Zhao & Weizhang Liang

Thermal Transformation of Oxide and Hydroxide Minerals in Chromite and Manganese Ores
S. K. Samal, M. K. Mohanty, B. Mishra & S. C. Mishra

A Review of Recent Advances in Pyrometallurgical Process Measurement and Modeling, and Their Applications to Process Improvement
Mark Laputka & Weiguo Xie

Phase Transitions and Microstructural Changes During Oxidation and Reduction of a Weathered Ilmenite Concentrate
Hossein Salehi, Stian Seim, Leiv Kolbeinsen & Jafar Safarian

Selective Carbothermic Reduction and Smelting (SCRS) Process for Beneficiation of Low-grade Iron-manganese Mineral Deposits
Basak Anameric

Optimization Process of the Refractory Gold Ore Extraction by Hypochlorite Oxidative Leaching
Wan Nur Syafiqah Anuar, Mohammad Rezaei Ardani, Norlia Baharun, Suhaina Ismail & Shaik Abdul Rahman

Cementation of Copper on Zinc in Agitated Vessels Equipped with Perforated Baffles as Turbulence Promoters
B. S. Ibrahim, M. H. Abdel-Aziz, E-S. Z. El-Ashtoukhy, T. M. Zewail, A. A. Zatout & G. H. Sedahmed

Silver Metal Extraction from Refractory Silver Ore Using Chloride-Hypochlorite and Hydrochloric Acid Media Under High Pressure
Ömer Canıeren & Cengiz Karagüzel

An Experimental Review of the Physicochemical Properties of Copper Electrowinning Electrolytes
Chalwe Chibwe & Margreth Tadie

The Coupling Effect in Drying Section in Traveling Grate: a CFD and Experimental Study
Feng Zhou, Caijun Chen, Zhou Pu, Ming Zhang, Zhenwei Wu, Xiliang Zhang & Boquan Li

Estimation of Reaction Heat in Ti-Bearing Blast Furnace Slag—Sulfuric Acid System Based on Mechanical Mixture Model
Zhuoying Yang, Fan Yang, Meigui Yi & Lan Xiang

Development of a Non-linear Framework for the Prediction of the Particle Size Distribution of the Grinding Products
E. Petrakis & K. Komnitsas

Improved Sedimentation Performance of Low-Rank Coal by Coprocessing with Saline Wastewater
Gen Huang, Xuan Guo, Jiaqi Xu & Shanshan Wu

Effect of Surface Deposition Coating with Aluminum Hydroxide on the Stabilization of Iron–Arsenic Precipitates
Yongliang Wang, Xiang Liu, Jingmin Yan, Peiwei Han, Yingchao Du & Shufeng Ye

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