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SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: New Issue Online!

By Chee Theng posted 27 days ago


Read the February issue of the SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal (free for SME members): 

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To submit a journal paper, go to MME has an impact factor of 1.020 and is abstracted and indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science), Scopus, Google Scholar, Ebsco, ProQuest and many more. You can also click on “Sign up for alerts” sign up for Table of Contents email alerts from Springer. 

A Review of Rare-Earth Elements Extraction with Emphasis on Non-conventional Sources: Coal and Coal Byproducts, Iron Ore Tailings, Apatite, and Phosphate Byproducts
Meisam Peiravi, Fahimeh Dehghani, Louis Ackah, Azam Baharlouei, Justin Godbold, Jia Liu, Manoj Mohanty & Tathagata Ghosh

Selective Extraction of Zinc from Zinc Ferrite
Vivek Kashyap & Patrick Taylor

Preliminary Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, and Hydrogen for Promoting Chromite Liberation by Breakage
Mahmut Camalan & Mehmet Ali Recai Önal

A Review on Potash Recovery from Different Rock and Mineral Sources
Sandeep Kumar Jena

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies of Dissolution of Hematite in Mixtures of Oxalic and Sulfuric Acid
Paula Vehmaanperä, Riina Salmimies & Antti Häkkinen

Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Reduction Behaviors of Iron Ore Compacts in Pure Hydrogen Atmosphere and Kinetic Analysis
Abourehab Hammam, Ying Li, Hao Nie, Lei Zan, Weitian Ding, Yao Ge, Meng Li, Mamdouh Omran & Yaowei Yu

Design of the Otjikoto Gold Mill, Namibia
John Rajala

Mapping Surface Moisture of a Gold Heap Leach Pad at the El Gallo Mine Using a UAV and Thermal Imaging
Mingliang Tang & Kamran Esmaeili

Development and Status of the Treatment Technology for Acid Mine Drainage
Le Tong, Ronggui Fan, Shuangchun Yang & Cunlei Li

Mineralogical Characterization and Preliminary Beneficiation of the Zoro Lithium Project, Manitoba, Canada
Tassos Grammatikopoulos, Massoud Aghamirian, Mark Fedikow & Toby Mayo

A Geostatistical Solution to Estimating Groundwater Inflows in Deep Rock Tunnels with Validation Through Case Studies
Mark J. Vanarelli

Penetration Rate Prediction Models for Core Drilling
Niyazi Bilim & Emre Karakaya

Exploration Methodology Using Morphology and Alloy Composition of Alluvial Gold: A Case Study from Quaternary Deposits of the Nowshera District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Liaqat Ali, Robert Chapman, Mohammad Farhan, Mohammad Tahir Shah, Seema Anjum Khattak & Asghar Ali

Time-Dependent Monitoring of Seismic Wave Velocity Variation Associated with Three Major Seismic Events at a Deep, Narrow-Vein Mine
Setareh Ghaychi Afrouz, Erik Westman, Kathryn Dehn & Ben Weston

Combined Load Failure Criterion for Rock Bolts in Hard Rock Mines
P. C. Pinazzi, A. J. S. (Sam) Spearing, K. V. Jessu, P. Singh & R. Hawker

Discrete Element Modeling of Delamination in Laboratory Scale Laminated Rock
Qingwen Shi & Brijes Mishra

Verification of 3D Numerical Modeling Approach for Longwall Mines with a Case Study Mine from the Northern Appalachian Coal Fields
Deniz Tuncay, Ihsan Berk Tulu & Ted Klemetti

Numerical Experimental Study on Ore Dilution in Sublevel Caving Mining
Kunpeng Yu, Chunshan Zheng & Fengyu Ren

Analysis of Hydro-fracturing Technique Using Ultra-deep Boreholes for Coal Mining with Hard Roofs: a Case Study
Jianwei Zheng, Wenjun Ju, Xiaodong Sun, Pengfei Jiang, Yangfa Zheng, Zhaorui Ma, Lingfu Zhu & Bingding Yi

Heat Stress in Hot Underground Mines: a Brief Literature Review
Paloma Lazaro & Moe Momayez

Identifying Risk Factors from MSHA Accidents and Injury Data Using Logistic Regression
Richard Amoako, Judith Buaba & Andrea Brickey

Insights into the Relationships Among the Roof, Rib, Floor, and Pillars of Underground Coal Mines
Ted M. Klemetti, Mark A. Van Dyke, Nicole Evanek, Craig C. Compton & Ihsan Berk Tulu

A Study on Removal of Clay Minerals from Barbil Region Iron Ore; Effect of Scrubbing Followed by Pelletization
Soumya Sahoo, Sachida Nanda Sahu, Ranajit Kumar Sahoo, Shatrughan Soren & Surendra Kumar Biswal

Study of Enhanced Gravity Separation Based on Liberation Characteristics of a Heat-Treated Circuit Board
Fangyuan Ma, Youjun Tao & Yushuai Xian

Investigating the Kinetics, Mechanism, and Activation Energy of Limestone Calcination Using Isothermal Analysis Methods
Meisam Ghiasi, Mahmoud Abdollahy & Mohammadreza Khalesi

Measurement and Characterisation of Metallic Iron Particles on Coal-Based Reduction and Magnetic Separation of Refractory Titanomagnetite
Yongqiang Zhao, Tichang Sun, Zhengyao Li & Zhe Wang

Microwave Processing of Low-Grade Banded Iron Ore with Different Reductants
Shrey Agrawal, Shaila Mir & Nikhil Dhawan

Characterization of Bauxite Residue from a Press Filter System: Comparative Study and Challenges for Scandium Extraction
Amilton Barbosa Botelho Junior, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa & Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório

Recovery of Heavy Metals from Liquid Effluent by Galvanic Cementation
Yehia M. Youssef, Nourhan Moukhtar, Ibrahim Hassan & M. H. Abdel-Aziz

Kinetics of Atmospheric Leaching from a Brazilian Nickel Laterite Ore Allied to Redox Potential Control
A. L. A. Santos, E. M. A. Becheleni, P. R. M. Viana, R. M. Papini, F. P. C. Silvas & S. D. F. Rocha

Platinum Recovery from Hydrometallurgical Residue of Waste Automotive Catalysts Processing by High-Temperature Smelting Process
Chuan Liu, Shuchen Sun, Xiaoping Zhu & Ganfeng Tu

Characterization of Colemanite and Its Effect on Cold Compressive Strength and Swelling Index of Iron Ore Pellets
Mahaboob Basha Shaik, Chandra Sekhar, Srinivas Dwarapudi, Neha Gupta, Indrajit Paul, Arvind Kumar Patel, Shakuntala Tudu & Amit Kumar

Multi-Step Thermodynamic Calculation for Copper Dross Bath Smelting Process
Boyi Xie, Hui Xiao, Lin Chen, Weifeng Liu, Duchao Zhang & Tianzu Yang

Optimization of Induration Cycle for Magnetite Concentrate and its Usage in Pellet-Making Process Designed for Hematite Concentrate
T. Umadevi, K. S. Sridhara & Sah Rameshwar

Investigation of Alumina-Based Ceramic Production from Aluminum Black Dross
Umay Cinarli & Ahmet Turan

Potential Application of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized by Co-Precipitation Technology as a Coagulant for Water Treatment in Settling Tanks
Naeimeh Shabani, Afshin Javadi, Hoda Jafarizadeh-Malmiri, Hamid Mirzaie & Javid Sadeghi

The Effect of Particle Size Distribution and Liberation Degree on the Separation Performance of Industrial Spirals in Low-grade Chromite Processing
Ataallah Bahrami, Saghar Farajzadeh & Fatemeh Kazemi

Separation and Recovery of Chromium from Solution After Vanadium Precipitation
Bin Hu, Bianfang Chen, Changda Zhang, Yanyang Dai, Mingyu Wang & Xuewen Wang

Integrated Geophysical Investigation for Shallow-Scale Massive (Pb-Zn) Sulphide and Barite Exploration in the Abakaliki and Obubra Mining Districts (AOMD), Southeastern Nigeria
Innocent John Arinze & Chidubem Okwudiri Emedo

Mapping of Gold Mineralization in Ichadih, North Singhbhum Mobile Belt, India Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Self-Potential Methods
Dharmita Horo, Sanjit Kumar Pal & Sahendra Singh

An Analytical Approach to Measure the Probable Overlapping of Holes Due to Scattering in Initiation System and Its Effect on Blast-Induced Ground Vibration in Surface Mines
Hemant Agrawal & Arvind Kumar Mishra

Thermal Runaway Pressures of Iron Phosphate Lithium-Ion Cells as a Function of Free Space Within Sealed Enclosures
Thomas H. Dubaniewicz, Isaac Zlochower, Teresa Barone, Richard Thomas & Liming Yuan

A Data-Driven Approach to Control Fugitive Dust in Mine Operations
Muhammet Mustafa Kahraman & Mustafa Erkayaoglu

Field Verification of an Improved Mine Fire Location Model
D. Bahrami, L. Zhou & L. Yuan

Assessing the Feasibility of a Commercially Available Wireless Internet of Things System to Improve Conveyor Safety
R. Jacksha & K. V. Raj

Managing Heat in Underground Mines: the Importance of Incorporating the Thermal Flywheel Effect into Climatic Modeling
Kyle A. Scalise, Marcelo Bandeira Teixeira & Karoly C. Kocsis

Field Testing of Roof Bolter Canopy Air Curtain Operating Downwind of the Continuous Miner
William R. Reed, Michael Shahan, Vasu Gangrade, Garron Ross, Kunal Singh & Todd Grounds

A Laboratory Investigation of Underside Shield Sprays to Improve Dust Control of Longwall Water Spray Systems
S. S. Klima, W. R. Reed, J. S. Driscoll & A. L. Mazzella

Evaluation of Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Sensors at a Low Ventilation Velocity
James H. Rowland III, Liming Yuan & Richard A. Thomas

The Passive Fire Protection of Mining Vehicles in Underground Hard Rock Mines
Rickard Hansen

Monitoring of Multiple-level Stress Interaction at Two Underground Limestone Mines
Brent Slaker, Michael Murphy, Gamal Rashed, Vasu Gangrade, Mark Van Dyke, Todd Minoski & Kristin Floyd

Capability of the Airstream Helmet for Protecting Mine Workers from Diesel Particulate Matter
J. Noll, T. Lee, S. Vanderslice & T. Barone

Controlling Crosscut Damage in Response to Excessive Levels of Horizontal Stress: Case Study at the Subtropolis Mine, Petersburg, OH
Nicole Evanek, Anthony Iannacchione & Tim Miller

Exploring the Differences in Safety Climate Among Mining Sectors
Emily J. Haas & Patrick L. Yorio