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The Vol. 37, No. 5 (October 2020) issue of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) is online, with 33 papers spanning the mining and mineral industry and 10 winning posters from the MPD Student Poster Contest. Access the issue for free as an SME member! 

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Innovation in the Mining Industry: Technological Trends and a Case Study of the Challenges of Disruptive Innovation
by Felipe Sánchez & Philipp Hartlieb

Post-Mining—a Holistic Approach
by Jürgen Kretschmann

Numerical Simulation of the Relaxation Behavior of Failed Sandstone Specimens
by Yuting Xue & Brijes Mishra

Understanding How Speed, Tractive Effort, Digging Height, and Rake Angle Affect Bucket Penetration and Resistive Forces for Rubber Tire Loaders
by Atta Ur Rehman & Kwame Awuah-Offei

Study of Methane Outgassing and Mitigation in Longwall Coal Mines
by Samuel A. Lolon, Jürgen F. Brune, Gregory E. Bogin Jr & Aditya Juganda

Coal Pillar Extraction Under Weak Roof
by Arun Kumar Singh, Ashok Kumar, Dheeraj Kumar, Rajendra Singh, Sahendra Ram, Rakesh Kumar & Amit Kumar Singh

Photogrammetry Method for Fast and Accurate Measurement of Strata Movements and Deformations for Scale Physical Mining Simulations
by Yi Luo, Jian Yang & Yujia Lian

Use of an Environmentally Friendly Polymer to Reduce the Water Content in Tailings Slurry
by Yongsik Jeong & Kwangmin Kim

Instability Mechanism of a Multi-Layer Gangue Roof and Determination of Support Resistance Under Inclination and Gravity
by Panshi Xie, Yingyi Zhang, Shenghu Luo & Jianjie Duan

Energy Partitioning Following Tensile Failure in Three-Point Loading Tests of Nugget Sandstone Specimens
by R. D. Weyher, M. K. McCarter & J. M. Wempen

An Innovative Finite Tube Method for Coupling of Mine Ventilation Network and Gob Flow Field: Methodology and Application in Risk Analysis
by Fengliang Wu & Yi Luo

Optimization of Trackless Equipment Scheduling in Underground Mines Using Genetic Algorithms
by Hao Wang, Victor Tenorio, Guoqing Li, Jie Hou & Nailian Hu

Top Coal Movement Law of Dynamic Group Caving Method in LTCC with an Inclined Seam
by Shengli Yang, Weijie Wei & Jinwang Zhang

Modeling Spatial Variance and Investigating the Effects of Variability on Intact Rock Strength and Stability of Entries in a Longwall Mine
by Danqing Gao & Brijes Mishra

New Prediction Models for Estimation of Aerodynamic Pressure Loss due to a Train of Mine Cars in an Underground Airway
by Srivatsan J. Sridharan & Bhamidipati S. Sastry

The Effect of Hydro-Jex Operation on the Stability of Heap Leach Pads: a Case Study of a Heap Leach Operation in Central Mexico
by Behrooz Abbasi, Babak Azarfar, Seyedsaeid Ahmadvand, Thom Seal & Bryan Ulrich

Effect of Cooling Rate and Slag Modification on the Copper Matte in Smelting Slag
by Xiang Gao, Zhuo Chen, Junjie Shi, Pekka Taskinen & Ari Jokilaakso

The making of Class C fly ash as high-strength precast construction material through geopolymerization
by Jinhong Zhang & Qingming Feng

Sulfur Removal of High-Sulfur Bauxite
by Zhanwei Liu, Hengwei Yan, Wenhui Ma & Ping Xiong

A Critical Review on the Mineralogy and Processing for High-Grade Quartz
by Min Lin, Ziyuan Liu, Yan Wei, Bin Liu, Yu Meng, Hang Qiu, Shaomin Lei, Xun Zhang & Yubiao Li

Recovery of Metals from Discarded Integrated Circuits
by Amit Barnwal & Nikhil Dhawan

Agglomeration and Characterization of Nickel Concentrate (MHP) Pellets for Ferronickel Production
by Rafael Piumatti de Oliveira, Ramiro da Conceição do Nascimento & Horst Guenter Feldhagen

Solvent Extraction of Vanadium from Sodium Carbonate–Sodium Bicarbonate Solution Using Aliquat-336
by Feng Yang, Xinsheng Li, Lu Han, Feng Gao, Chunlin He & Yuezhou Wei

An Investigation into the Extraction Behavior of Copper from Sulfate Leach Liquor Using Acorga M5640 Extractant: Mechanism, Equilibrium, and Thermodynamics
by Isa Nozari & Asghar Azizi

Development of a Smelting Reduction Process for Low-Grade Ferruginous Manganese Ores to Produce Valuable Synthetic Manganese Ore and Pig Iron
by Veerendra Singh, Arijit Biswas & Nilamadhaba Sahu

Production of Strontium through a Vacuum Aluminothermic Process
by Mehmet Bugdayci, Ahmet Turan, Yeliz Demiray Cucurachi & Onuralp Yücel

Analysis of the Influence of Blaine Numbers and Firing Temperature on Iron Ore Pellets Properties Using RSM-I-Optimal Design: An Approach Toward Suitability
by Rakesh Prasad, R. Venugopal, L. A. Kumaraswamidhas, Chandan Pandey & S. K. Pan

Impact of Operating Parameters on the Breakage Process of Talc
by Diler Katircioglu-Bayel

Investigation of Alkaline Leaching Parameters on Stibnite Concentrate
by Serdar Aktaş & Burcu Nilgün Çetiner

Synthesis and Characterization of Metallic Iron Reduced from Low-grade Coal in Rajasthan
by Akshay Kumar, Vinayaka R. Kiragi, Saurav Kumar, Amar Patnaik, Vinod Kumar & M. K. Banerjee

Separation and Identification of Minerals Composing the Silica Sands (Southwestern Tunisia)
by Kais Elghniji, Chaima Ouled Amor, Constantin Virlan, Aurel Pui & Elimame Elaloui

Application of Finite Difference Method in Multifractal Techniques to Identify Pb–Zn Anomalies: a Case Study from Khomein, Iran
by Massume Khavari, Feridon Ghadimi & Saeed Mojeddifar

Identifying Hydrothermal Alterations Using Singularity Mapping of PCA Images Based on ASTER Data
by N. Ostadmahdi Aragh, S. Mojeddifar & M. Hemmati Chegeni

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