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SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: New papers published online

By Chee Theng posted 07-06-2020 03:12 PM

Twenty-one new Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal technical papers have just been published in Springer’s Online First.
As an SME member, you get to read and download them for free:
(1) Go to . Sign in with your email address and password.
(2) Hover your mouse over "Publications and Resources" in the top banner. Click on "Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) Journal" in the pull-down menu.
(3) Scroll down and click on the "Read the MME Journal Online" button.
(4) To see the papers below, use the search function or come back to this message and click on the paper’s https://doi link.
(5) To see more papers, click on “Online first articles” or "Volumes & issues" under Explore in the right-hand column. 
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Human-Systems Integration for the Safe Implementation of Automation
by Robin Burgess-Limerick

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods in Mining Operations: a Data-Driven SAG Mill Energy Consumption Prediction Application
by Sebastian Avalos, Willy Kracht & Julian M. Ortiz

Energy Partitioning Following Tensile Failure in Three-Point Loading Tests of Nugget Sandstone Specimens
by R. D. Weyher, M. K. McCarter & J. M. Wempen

Agglomeration and Characterization of Nickel Concentrate (MHP) Pellets for Ferronickel Production
by Rafael Piumatti de Oliveira, Ramiro da Conceição do Nascimento & Horst Guenter Feldhagen

Instability Mechanism of a Multi-Layer Gangue Roof and Determination of Support Resistance Under Inclination and Gravity

by Panshi Xie, Yingyi Zhang, Shenghu Luo & Jianjie Duan

The Effects of Clothing Insulation and Acclimation on the Thermal Comfort of Underground Mine Workers
by Elaheh Talebi, Maurice Sunkpal, Taghi Sharizadeh & Pedram Roghanchi

Use of an Environmentally Friendly Polymer to Reduce the Water Content in Tailings Slurry
by Yongsik Jeong & Kwangmin Kim

The Effect of Hydro-Jex Operation on the Stability of Heap Leach Pads: a Case Study of a Heap Leach Operation in Central Mexico
by Behrooz Abbasi, Babak Azarfar, Seyedsaeid Ahmadvand, Thom Seal & Bryan Ulrich

Numerical Simulation of the Relaxation Behavior of Failed Sandstone Specimens
by Yuting Xue & Brijes Mishra

Sulfur Removal of High-Sulfur Bauxite
by Zhanwei Liu, Hengwei Yan, Wenhui Ma & Ping Xiong

Recovery of Metals from Discarded Integrated Circuits
by Amit Barnwal & Nikhil Dhawan

A Critical Review on the Mineralogy and Processing for High-Grade Quartz
by Min Lin, Ziyuan Liu, Yan Wei, Bin Liu, Yu Meng, Hang Qiu, Shaomin Lei, Xun Zhang & Yubiao Li

Investigation of Machine-Mounted Area Lighting to Reduce Risk of Injury from Slips-Trips-Falls for Operators of Mobile Surface Mining Equipment
by Alan G. Mayton, Brendan Demich & Mahiyar F. Nasarwanji

Estimation of Fines Generation in Blasting Using Dynamic Rock Properties and a Near-Field PPV Damage Model
by Junnhyeok Park & Kwangmin Kim

Numerical Modeling Study of the Influence of Softcover on Strata and Support Behavior in a Bord and Pillar Depillaring Working
by S. K. Sahoo, G. S. P. Singh, S. K. Sharma & U. K. Singh

Modeling and Optimization of Aqueous Mineral Carbonation for Cement Kiln Dust Using Response Surface Methodology Integrated with Box-Behnken and Central Composite Design Approaches
by Muhammad Faisal Irfan, S. M. Zakir Hossain, Ihtisham Tariq, Niaz Ali Khan, Abdulaziz Tawfeeqi, Anastasia Goeva & Mohamed Wael

Roasting of a Low-Grade Goethite Ore Using Horse Residue and Its Beneficiation by Magnetic Separation
by Mahmut Altiner

Use of Ammonia Salts in Selective Copper Extraction from Tailings
by M. Deniz Turan, Ramazan Orhan, Mücevher Turan & Hasan Nizamoğlu

Practical Experience in Large-Scale Development of Zijinshan Low-Grade Gold-Copper Mine
by Jinghe Chen, Shuiping Zhong, Ding Tang & Chen Kuang

A Risk Analysis Method for Estimation of Financial Benefits of the Existing Mine Ventilation System
by Sergei Sabanov, Nasser Madani, Zarina Mukhamedyarova & Yerbol Tussupbekov

Deconstructing the Leaching Ratio
by Humberto Estay & Simón Díaz-Quezada