SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: New papers published online

By Chee Theng posted 05-14-2020 12:46 PM

New Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal papers have just been published in Springer’s Online First.

As an SME member, you get to read and download them for free:
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(3) Scroll down and click on the "Read the MME Journal Online" button, which will bring you to the MME Springer website as an SME member with full access privileges.
(4) To see the papers below, use the search function, or come back to this message and click on the paper’s https://doi link.
(5) To see more papers, click on “Online first articles” or "Volumes & issues" under Explore in the right-hand column. 

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Ventilation Monitoring and Control in Mines
by Mahesh Shriwas & Christopher Pritchard 

Recent Developments in Thermally Insulating Materials Based on Geopolymers—a Review Article
by P. R. Rao, M. Momayez, K. A. Runge & K. Muralidharan

Comparative Study of Gold Extraction from Refractory Pyritic Ores through Conventional Leaching and Simultaneous Pressure Leaching/Oxidation
by María M. Salazar-Campoy, Jesús L. Valenzuela-García, Luis S. Quiróz-Castillo, Martín A. Encinas-Romero, Guillermo Tiburcio-Munive, Patricia Guerrero-Germán & José R. Parga-Torres

Effects of Furnace Slope and Rotational Speed on the Carbothermic Reduction of Celestite in a Laboratory-Scale Rotary Kiln Furnace
by Raşit Sezer, Ayşegül Bilen, Göksel Hızlı, Selim Ertürk & Cüneyt Arslan

An Innovative Approach for Gob-Side Entry Retaining by Roof Cutting in Steeply Pitching Seam Longwall Mining with Hard Roof: a Case Study
by Li Zhang, Jing Zhao, Chuanwei Zang & Shuanlin Wang

Recovery of Gold from Shanono Gold Ore Deposit Using α-Cyclodextrin
by A. M. Anthony, U. Abubakar-Zaria, A. Y. Atta & S. S. Magaji

Processing of Peridotite Rocks of Chromite Ore Overburden into Magnesium Salts and Micro Silica
by Kallam V. K. Reddy, Vadapalli Sanjana, Veerendra Singh & Gajanan Kapure

Recovery of valuable metals from copper slag
by Changda Zhang, Bin Hu, Huaguang Wang, Mingyu Wang & Xuewen Wang

Processing of Glauconitic Siltstone for Potash Recovery
by Yogendra Pratap, Himanshu Tanvar, Débora Moreira & Nikhil Dhawan