SME Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal: New papers published online

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Twenty-five new Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) journal papers have been published on Springer's Online First! 

To read and download the papers for free, first log in on the SME website, then return to this message and click on the https://doi link of the paper you wish to read or download. Follow these simple steps:

(1) Go to . Sign in with your email address and password.
(2) Hover your mouse over "Publications and Resources" in the top banner. Click on "Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) Journal" in the pull-down menu.
(3) Scroll down and click on the "Read the MME Journal Online" button, which will bring you to the MME Springer website.
(4) To see published issues, click on "Browse Volumes & Issues" in the blue banner.
(5) To see the papers below, use the search function or come back to this message and use the https://doi link of the paper you wish to read or download. This will bring you back to the MME Springer website with the full text of the paper available to you.

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Roof Deformation Associated with Mining of Two Panels in Steeply Dipping Coal Seam Using Subsurface Subsidence Prediction Model and Physical Simulation Experiment
by Panshi Xie, Yi Luo, Yongping Wu, Xicai Gao, Shenghu Luo & Youfu Zeng 

Flotation Froth Image Segmentation Based on Highlight Correction and Parameter Adaptation
by Xiu Man Liang, Tong Tian, Wen Tao Liu & Fu Sheng Niu

Thermal Fragmentation as a Possible, Viable, Alternative Mining Method in Narrow Vein Mining?
by Patrick Bouwmeester, Michael Tuck, Larissa Koroznikova & Steve Durkin

Justifying API Bentonite Rheological Behavior Through Its Forming Size Fractions
by R. M. Farag, A. M. Salem, A. A. El-Midany & S. E. El-Mofty

Geopolitical Risk Assessment of Countries with Rare Earth Element Deposits
by Sotiris N. Kamenopoulos & Zach Agioutantis

Investigation of Correlation of Excavator Operators’ Hand-Arm Vibration Exposure with Produced Rock Physical-Mechanical Properties in Natural Stone Quarries
by Ali Ekrem Aritan

Use of Mine Tailings as Precast Construction Materials through Alkali Activation
by Bo Huang, Qingming Feng, Dongbo An & Jinhong Zhang

Use of the Field-Based Silica Monitoring Technique in a Coal Mine: A Case Study
by Jason D. Pampena, Emanuele G. Cauda, Lauren G. Chubb & James J. Meadows

Investigation of Occupational Accidents in Western Lignite Corporation by Using the Efficiency Assessment Approach
by Cem Şensöğüt, Yaşar Kasap & Özer Ören

Design and Evaluation of the Roof Bolt Corrosion Test System in a Simulated Underground Coal Mine Environment
by Gopi Bylapudi, A. J. S. (Sam) Spearing, Kanchan Mondal & Anand Bhagwat

Pressure Sulfuric Acid Leaching of Manganese-Rich Slag with Pyrite as Additive
by Shanming He, Chunfa Liao, Xiaoming Wang & Jinliang Wang

Estimation of Grinding Time for Desired Particle Size Distribution and for Hematite Liberation Based on Ore Retention Time in the Mill
by Harish Hanumanthappa, Harsha Vardhan, Govinda Raj Mandela, Marutiram Kaza, Rameshwar Sah & Bharath Kumar Shanmugam

Prediction of Ground Vibration Induced Due to Single Hole Blast Using Explicit Dynamics
by Shankar Kumar, A. K. Mishra, B. S. Choudhary, R. K. Sinha, Desh Deepak & Hemant Agrawal

Load State Identification Method for Wet Ball Mills Based on the MEEMD Singular Value Entropy and PNN Classification
by Gaipin Cai, Xin Liu, Congcong Dai, Lu Zong & Xiaoyan Luo

Optimum Chain Pillar Design at the Deepest Multi-Seam Longwall Workings in India
by Nilabjendu Ghosh, Harshit Agrawal, Satyendra Kumar Singh & Gautam Banerjee

Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Dozer Operators Exposed to Whole-Body Vibration in Indian Surface Coal Mines
by Sandeep Kumar Jeripotula, Aruna Mangalpady & Govinda Raj Mandela

Blast-Induced Rock Fragmentation in Wet Holes
by Hesam Dehghani, Nima Babanouri, Farid Alimohammadnia & Mokhtar Kalhori

Leaching Behavior of Lithium from Bauxite Residue Using Acetic Acid
by Hannian Gu, Wanyan Li, Zehai Li, Tengfei Guo, Hanjie Wen & Ning Wang

Processing of Banded Hematite Quartzite Ore for Recovery of Iron Values
by Veeranjaneyulu Rayapudi & Nikhil Dhawan

Assessment of Exposure to Whole-Body Vibration of Dozer Operators Based on Postural Variability
by Sandeep Kumar Kumar Jeripotula, Aruna Mangalpady, Govinda Raj & Raj Mandela

Hydrogeologic Characterization and Mining Impact Analysis of a Low-Yield, Fractured Granite
by Michael Day, Paul Kos & Scott Brinton

Managing Geologic Uncertainty in Pit Shell Optimization Using a Heuristic Algorithm and Stochastic Dominance
by T. Acorn, J. B. Boisvert & O. Leuangthong

Optimum Sublevel Height and Drift Spacing in Sublevel Cave Mining Based on Random Medium Theory
by Kunpeng Yu, Fengyu Ren, Gideon Chitombo, Ruslan Puscasu & Liangliang Kang

Helmet-CAM: Strategically Minimizing Exposures to Respirable Dust Through Video Exposure Monitoring
by J.R. Patts, A.B. Cecala & E.J. Haas

Tectonic Stress Reconstruction Based on Structural Features in Tectonic Superposition Areas
by Chen Lin


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