Syd S. Peng Ground Control in Mining Award

2016 Syd S. Peng Ground Control in Mining Award Recipient

Gregory J. Hasenfus, Manager, Geomechanical Engineering, CONSOL Pennsylvania Coal Company, accepting his award from Dr. Syd S. Peng
"in recognition of his technical, practical and personality skills that have served and continue to serve the mining industry with excellence. His understanding of mining conditions in Appalachia, Virginia, Illinois and Utah are unmatched and continue to provide a valued resource for mine operators and government officials. His honesty and integrity are exemplary."

The purpose of the award is to provide recognition to individuals that have demonstrated technical and scientific excellence in advancing the understanding of ground control technologies or approaches by either publication or direct applications in the mining industry. The annual award will be given to an individual or a group that: (1) has shown insight and understanding of ground control issues by developing concepts, theories or technologies that have been adopted by the mining community, or (2) has successfully implemented a ground control design or designs or practices. The award will be available to individuals/groups that have made such contributions to ground control related to coal and/or non-coal (metals, commodities, etc) or aggregate mines.

In addition, in 2009, the Syd S. Peng Fund has added two Ground Control in Mining Scholarships to promote the science of Ground Control. Recent trends in mining engineering professionals indicate a shortage of competent ground control engineers. To help remedy this situation and promote the ground control engineering discipline, an undergraduate and/or graduate scholarship(s) will be awarded annually to encourage the development of ground control engineers.

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