Support the Mining in Society Merit Badge


SME and MEC staff and volunteers hosted a Mining in Society merit badge booth at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve facilities in West Virginia, July 19-28, 2017. A record 2270 Scouts visited the booth, with 618 Scouts completing the badge during their stay at the Jamboree. Activities included elements of the badge requirements and covered topics such as safety, reclamation, mineral usage and careers in the mining industry. The booth was marked by a mine truck tire standing twelve feet tall. Many people and organizations supported this tremendously successful effort.

MEC continues to support Scouting and MiSmb year round through the Mining in Society merit badge web page. On that page you can learn all your need to know about becoming a Mining in Society merit badge counselor. Then, by completing the Roll Call form, you will be added to our mailing list for MiS merit badge counselors for future communications regarding the merit badge, support materials and your role as a counselor. Go to today.


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