Creating Global Prosperity: The Campaign for Mining

In order to meet the world’s needs, we will increase our production, pioneer new capabilities and become a more global industry than ever before. With support from across the industry, this campaign will invest in targeted programs to realize the opportunities and meet the challenges facing our industry in the years ahead.

The Campaign will help build a stronger global industry with a growing pipeline of future leaders and better relationships with our communities by focusing on four key challenges:
• Meeting the global need for expertise
• Training the next generation of global leaders
• Educating the world about mining
• Sustaining excellent mining education programs


Campaign Co-Chairs Red Conger and Rick Whiting stated, “Even as our industry transforms, we are fortunate in that we can count on SME and the SME Foundation to support us in every way. All of us share a responsibility to make sure that our Society and Foundation have the resources they need to keep mining strong. That’s why we’re proud to lead Creating Global Prosperity: The Campaign for Mining.”

The campaign provides an opportunity for professionals who have made their careers in mining to give back to their profession and support the next generation of leaders who will define our industry’s future. More than a fund raising campaign, Creating Global Prosperity: The Campaign For Mining is an investment in creating a stronger industry around the world, developing tomorrow’s professionals and leaders, and strengthening relationships with our communities.

Be recognized as one of the “Founding Partners” of this endeavor by contacting AnnMarie Kochevar, SME Foundation Manager at 303-948-4239 or at