About SME Foundation

The mission of the SME Foundation is to be the source of funding for education and outreach of SME and the community it serves. 

1. Meet the global need for expertise
2. Train the next generation of global leaders
3. Educate the world about mining
4. Sustain excellent mining education programs
The SME Foundation fulfills its mission by supporting projects that disseminate mining/mineral information and technology worldwide; encourage professional development; educate children, teachers, and the public about the significant role that the minerals industry plays in their everyday lives; build consensus for a strong, environmentally sound minerals industry in the United States and the world; and support of college-level students and programs meeting industry demands for engineers and researchers in the future.

Foundation Leadership

 Bill A. Hancock       President
 Mary B. Korpi  President Elect           
 Dennis P. Bryan  SMEF Past President
 C. Dale Elifrits  Vice President of Finance
 Steven C. Holmes  Individual Fundraising Officer
 Timothy D. Arnold SME Past President
  Dave Kanagy  Secretary

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