SME Webinar: Ethics in the Mining Industry I: Principles of Ethics

Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM MT

Presented by Dr. Lee W. Saperstein, Ethics in the Mining Industry is a sequence of three webinars intended to help viewers understand the principles of ethics and the substantial benefit of acting ethically.  Ethics is a system of moral principles for professionals that is based on three tenets: know thoroughly the theory and practice of your profession; take responsibility for your actions, and avoid doing harm to others.  The three parts of this series are (1) Principles; (2) Origins, Benefits and Ambiguities; and (3) Whistle Blowing and Case Studies.  In the “Wealth of Nations,” Adam Smith wrote about the “invisible hand of the market” guiding economies.  He stressed, however, that the market had to be ethical and fair for this “invisible hand” to work well.  Ethics should be the concern of all of us.  This course is a must for licensed professionals and consultants.  It is based on a successful short course created by Dr. Saperstein. The webinar series will continue in January and February 2018. 



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