SME Webinar: Planning for Climatic Uncertainty: Implications for Mine Closure and Long Term Stewards

When:  Nov 8, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (MT)
Planning for Climatic Uncertainty: Implications for Mine Closure and Long Term Stewardship” is presented by Scott Warner, Principal Hydrogeologist, Ramboll Environmental . Climatic uncertainty creates challenges for mines and the long-term obligations to protect environmental conditions and to maintain important structures for perhaps thousands of years. Such challenges are unique to the mining industry and create hurdles that few other major industries must solve. Management strategies and infrastructure/containment systems that were designed with reference to the current or historical climate must be developed to perform under future scenarios of extreme weather events or radical climatic shifts, and thus must rely on still developing models and analysis. Our work in North America and Australia, for example, has shown that quantification of the duration, occurrence interval, and intensity of future events is relevant to the risk analyses of critical components, with the most common way of adapting to climate change being the alteration of design standards for key structures. This approach is hampered by uncertainty regarding the timing and magnitude of impacts, yet examples of proactive management strategies that accommodate this uncertainty do exist. This presentation discusses our research on the state of the practice to illustrate key developments.


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