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CTMF 2019 Agenda with Speakers is below

Revisit this site for updates and changes. Welcome first time visitors. If you have not attended earlier CTMF events here are two announcements about CTMF 2019. Here is the second release.

The CTMF conference and events are focused on the outlook, key trends and issues impacting capital raising in the global mining industry and will highlight solutions, risks and opportunities.

Speakers will discuss case studies and how management and investors use best practices and technology to anticipate, track, manage and reduce technical, non-technical and financial risks.

n addition to discussion of market trends and issues impacting deals being done, multiple panel discussions will address rapid, pivotal changes re financing projects and opportunities in mining today.   

CTMF is a time where delegates and speakers can meet, talk and get questions answered.
Photo below is from one of two daily refreshment breaks from CTMF 2018 - the sixth annual SME Current Trends in Mining Finance conference


Below is the Agenda and the Speakers for CTMF 2019 
Check back updates - Content, order and times are subject to change
The speakers' bios are posted here 

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The New York Section of SME, the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, is the organizer of the annual Current Trends in Mining Finance (CTMF) Conferences. The organizing committee welcomes abstracts about how management, lenders and investors use best practices and technology to anticipate, track and manage technical and non-technical risks impacting exploration and mining projects. 
To submit abstracts and or to become a sponsor please contact Tim Alch, Co Chair

Sunday April 28, 2019 - Two Workshops and Reception  
at New York Marriott East Side Hotel at 525 Lexington Avenue, at corner of 49th Street

Noon for lunch; Start at 12:30 PM; Refreshment break at ~2:45 PM; Workshop ends at 4:30 PM 

I. Mine to Mill Reconciliation and Assessment of Productivity of a Mining Project over its Life: Importance of Post Investment Reviews – led by Abani Samal, PhD, CPG, Principal, GeoGlobal, LLC and Peter Christensen, Principal, RESPEC

II. Political Risk - Recognizing Its Impact on Mining Operations, Corporate Strategy and Investment Decision-Making – led by Michael Samis, PhD, P.Eng, Principal, SCM Decisions and team

After the workshops we welcome all to register to attend a networking reception from 5 to 7 PM at the New York Marriott East Side Hotel at 525 Lexington Avenue, at the corner of 49th Street. All must register in advance. Space is limited for the Sunday reception to the first 100 registered. The Monday and Tuesday reception venues are larger. 

Monday April 29, 2019 - Day One of the Conference from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM
at Shearman & Sterling LLP at 599 Lexington Avenue, at corner of 53rd Street
Check back for updates. Content, order and times are subject to change 
The speakers' bios are posted here 

7:30 AM            Registration and Breakfast
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8:30 AM            Welcome by Conference Chair and Host
8:35 AM            Opening Remarks by Conference Chairs

8:40 AM    I.1    Capital Markets Review and Key Trends in Mining

Citibank Corporate & Investment Bank: Michael Cramer, P.Eng., Managing & Technical Director, Global Industrials, Metals & Mining
BNP Paribas: Carlos A. Urquiaga, Managing Director, Head of the Americas, Structured Debt Metals & Mining

  • What is the current environment and outlook? What sources of capital are helping miners to survive?
  • What are the key drivers? How much capital has been raised in private, public markets, stock exchanges, etc.?
  • What are debt, credit and investor trends in mining telling us about performance and risk today?
  • Are junior, medium & large companies, brown and green field projects getting funded? How? Where?

9:20 AM   I.2    Bankers' View of Capital Markets and Mine Financing

Commonwealth Bank of Australia: Alan Halimi, Managing Director, Metals & Mining (Ch)
Ernst & Young Canada: Jeff Swinoga, Canadian Metals and Mining Leader
To be announced

  • How are deals and financings being structured? How are terms and conditions changing?
  • What is the outlook? Has the sector bottomed? What are the sector and regional issues?
  • What are debt and credit trends in mining telling us about performance and risk today?
  • What are consequences of raising funds from PEs, ECAs, MDIs, SOEs, SWFs, and Governments?
  • Which types of projects are attracting bankers, lenders, investors and alternative sources of capital?

10:00 AM     Key Note Speaker: Resource Capital Funds: Ross Bhappu, Partner, Head Partner of Private Equity Funds

10:30 AM     Refreshment Break 
                    Sponsored by Hatch Advisory                  

10:50 AM  I.3    Mining M&A and Consolidation Trends – Shearman Room

Blake, Cassels & Graydon, LLP: Geoffrey Belsher, New York Office, Managing Partner (Ch)
Ernst & Young LLP: Robert Stall, MRICS, ASA, U.S. Mining & Metals Leader, Americas Director of the Capital Equipment Group, Transaction Advisory Services
To be announced

What are the implications of the recent mergers, acquisitions in the gold mining industry? Is this the start of a larger consolidation trend? What other mining sectors may be next? Will this result in better returns for shareholders? Or lead to jettisoning of non-material, non-core assets and write-downs? Is consolidation healthy? What issues and metrics impact valuations, M&A, impairments, write-offs and deals getting done? Are more cross-border transactions coming? How are changing ESG regulations, best practices and related issues being handled? Where is M&A activity greatest?

10:50 AM   I.3A  Metals Pricing Trends & Outlook: What’s Different? - Conference Room G/H

The World Bank: John Baffes, Senior Economist, Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment
CPM Group: Jeffrey Christian, Managing Director 
Bloomberg Intelligence: Mike McGlone, Senior Commodity Analyst
To be announced

This panel will focus on discussion of key drivers and the outlook for the metals markets. What is China’s impact? How is the mining industry managing the price volatility seen and the cycle in recent years? Which sectors and trends are favorable? What technical and regional issues impact pricing and margins realized by miners? How will economic growth worldwide and locally impact pricing, supply and demand? What is the outlook near term? 

11:35   I.4    SEC Rule S-K 1300: Modernization of Property Disclosure for Mining Registrants - Shearman Room

Wood Plc: Harry M. Parker, Consulting Mining Geologist & Geostatistician (Ch)
Behre Dolbear Group: Bernard Guarnera, Director
Roscoe Postle Associate: Deborah McCombe, P.Geo, President & CEO, Principal Geologist
Groff Engineering & Consulting LLC: Brian Groff, Principal

Since the October 2018 announcement by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission about replacing Industry Guide 7, (IG7) there has been allot of interest about the impact of the changes on mineral property disclosure, valuation and due diligence. This panel will compare old Industry Guide IG7, with SME’s Guide for Reporting Exploration Information, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves and other CRIRSCO codes, guides, and standards; discuss the impact on Qualified Persons (QPs), Qualified Person Firms, Reliance on Third Parties, Independence of Qualified Persons; Reporting under S-K 1300 for Canadian registrants including MJDS and non MJDS filers, differences in the format of technical reports under NI 43-101 and S-K 1300 and Materiality, Confidentiality, Aggregation of properties in applying S-K 1300.

11:35 AM  I.4A  Critical Battery Trends’ Impact on Raw Materials Supply Chains - Conference Room G/H

Hatch Advisory: Robert Doyle, Regional Director, Investment & Business Planning (Ch)
Technology Metals Research, LLC: Jack Lifton, Co-Founder
Controlled Thermal Resources: Rod Colwell, CEO and Founding Director
House Mountain Partners: Chris Berry, President 
To be announced

In recent years there is growing interest and technology developments and investment trends impacting critical mineral supply chains, including lithium, cobalt and nickel for example. This panel will highlight key challenges, end product and mining trends that impact financing mining, battery, energy storage and power generation: What are the challenges and constraints the financial and investment community face and opportunities to bring a new project to market in the battery metals space and difficulties associated with attracting capital to bring projects from concept to reality?  

12:20 PM     Key Note Speaker Lunch - Shearman and Conference G/H and other Rooms  

12:35 PM     Key Note Speaker - to be announced 
                    Sponsored by _________

1:30 PM   I.5    Important Local, Federal, Government Tax Law Changes – Shearman Room

KPMG Canada, Penelope Woolford, Partner, International Corporate Tax Leader (Ch)
To be announced
To be announced
To be announced

Join this panel discussion about tax uncertainties faced by mining companies operating in various jurisdictions. How do leading companies manage the tax function in light of legislative changes? This panel will address ways in which mining companies mitigate their tax risk in an environment of change and uncertainty and will focus on the potential impact on the mining industry in light of several new recent tax law changes as well as discussion of pending and discussed complex prospective tax changes around the world.

1:30     I.5A  Extraterrestrial (Space) Mining, Challenges and Opportunities - Conference Room G/H

Colorado School of Mines: Jamal Rostami, PhD, Hadden/Alacer Gold Endowed Chair, Director of the Excavation Engineering and Earth Mechanics Institute (EMI), Department of Mining Engineering (Ch)
New Space Analytics LLC, Brad Blair, Managing General Partner
Penguin Automated Systems Inc.: Greg Baiden, PhD, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer
Near Earth LLC: Hoyt Davidson, Founder and Managing Partner

This panel will discuss the current technical, market and business case for Lunar Mining. The dialogue will focus on identifying primary and byproduct ores, markets and customers for lunar resources, the current state of technology readiness, primary risks, lunar exploration & excavation, requirements for mechanization and automation, financing options and investment opportunities.        

2:20 PM   I.6    Navigating Financial Assurance Requirements for Mines – Shearman Room

McGriff, Siebels & Williams, Inc.: W. Cliff Yeckes, P.G., Sr. Vice President & Environmental Services Practice Leader (Ch)
Colorado School of Mines, Graham A. Davis, PhD, Professor Emeritus
To be announced
To be announced

Mines must provide financial assurance (FA) to satisfy environmental compliance, reclamation, closure and post closure obligations. While jurisdictional requirements differ; cash, letters of credit, surety bonds and combinations thereof are most often utilized.  How these instruments are secured, their cost and collateralization is based on the quality of the miner’s financials. Understanding each instrument is the first step.  However, balancing the ratios of these instruments is key to a successful financial assurance package that will satisfy all participating parties.  This panel will discuss the regulatory basis for the FA, the types of products which will satisfy the FA, securing those products, optimal FA structures, collateralization, attracting investors and recent examples.          

2:20 PM    I.6A  Ocean Minerals: A New Frontier to Recover Minerals Conference Room G/H

Behre Dolbear Group: Chris Wyatt, Director (Ch)
Ocean Minerals LLC: Halkyard, CEO and President
University of Delaware: Saleem H. Ali, Ph.D., Energy and Environment Professor
To be announced

This panel of experts will discuss the latest trends and developments impacting the economic recovery of mineral resources, including critical metals from the ocean floors. Topics to be covered include: where is the first commercial scale operation going to be? what has changed in recent years making ocean mining economic? how are operators managing and navigating the regulatory environment? what equipment and technology makes it possible? what is the significance of these developments and where will the impact be felt in the global supply chain of minerals today? 

3:10 PM          Refreshment Break
                       Sponsored by Hatch Advisory

3:30 PM  I.7    Post Investment Technical Reviews for Minimizing Risks of Loss of Value – Shearman Room

GeoGlobal LLC: Abani R. Samal, PhD, Principal (Ch)
RESPEC: Peter Christensen, Principal Consultant
Dundee Precious Metals: Ian Lipchak, P.Eng. Manager, Project Evaluation
To be announced

Investments of exploration and mining projects are made with an expectation of return on investment that is dependent on the performance of the execution of the exploration or mining project. In case of the exploration project, the success of exploration may result in growth of share value due to increased quantity and measurable confidence on mineral resources. For an operating mining project, the measure of success may be increased production of the metal or, consistent improvements in achieving targets (defined through a long term mine plan), which in turn contributes to the cash flow of the project. It is very important to review and monitor the performance of the project on a regular basis to ensure the return on investment and avoid risk of loss.

3:30 PM I.7A  Energy Prices, Trends and Opportunities - Conference Room G/H

Northcott Capital: Richard Reeves, Managing Director (Ch)
PMV Research LLC: Michael Spohn, Independent Investment Analyst, Natural Resources
Capstone Headwaters: Ray M. McCormick, Managing Director, Energy & Natural Resources
Golder Associates Inc.: Mathew Oommen, Ph.D, Mining Practice Leader, Associate

This panel will focus on discussion of key drivers and the outlook for the coal and energy markets focused on North America and where the opportunities are. What is China’s impact? How is the industry managing the price volatility and changing regulatory environment in recent years? What technical and technology issues are impacting the sector the most? Margins realized by miners? How is global economic growth and locally impacting the outlook? 

4:25 PM  I.8   Why Some Mining Projects Succeed and Some Fail - Shearman Room
RPM Global: John Uhrie, P.E., Ph.D., QP, President Consulting Services, Americas (Ch)
Kappes Cassidy & Associates: Tom Rauch, Project Manager & Senior Engineer (Ch)
Cementation USA Inc.: Gregory F. Sutton, Project Manager
To be announced

Developing a mine is difficult at the best of times and is becoming more difficult as projects get more complex, lower grade and are in more remote locations. Besides properly defining technical issues such as resources, ground conditions, and metallurgy, capital and operating cost estimation and project execution has become challenging reflecting local and jurisdictional and non-technical issues. This panel will highlight common threads in successful and unsuccessful projects and speak to other issues to be addressed in other panels including resource estimation, water, power and societal issues and assessing risks and opportunities that contribute to project success.

4:25 PM I.8A  Dealing with Political Risk in the Mining Industry - Conference Room G/H

SCM Decisions, LLC: Michael Samis, Ph.D., P. Eng., Principal (Ch)
Agnico Mines Limited: David Smith, Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Control Risks: David Linsker, Senior Partner, Global Risk Analysis
Triple Flag Mining Finance Limited: Jaco Crouse, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance

Political risk management has shifted its focus from the possibility of nationalization to a wider range of risks such as taxation changes, geopolitical events, internal conflicts, regulatory framework alternations, ad social activism.  Forward-thinking mining companies have begun to manage political risk through a formal program that both actively monitors and responds to political risk events and assesses the combined effect of multiple political risk exposures on a company’s project portfolio and long-term strategy.  Experts from across the industry will provide a range of perspectives in this session about how political risk management has changed over the last 20 years and what company’s should be doing now to manage this risk exposure effectively.

5:15 PM I.9  What is Different Today for Miners Looking to Raise Capital? - Shearman Room

Roscoe Postle Associates, Toronto Ltd.: Richard Lambert, P.E., P.Eng., Chief Operating Officer (Ch)
ING Capital, LLC: Remko Van De Water, Head of Metals & Mining, Americas (Ch)
To be announced
To be announced

  • How is today different than in years past for operators, lenders and investors agreeing on terms
  • Is the outlook more favorable for miners than one year ago? Why? Where? How good is it? Is it real?
  • What are key issues, costs and terms that mining company management need to be aware of?
  • Where are the opportunities? What types of deals technically and structurally are finding capital?

6:00 PM       Conclusion of Day One of the Conference 

6:00 - 8:00   Reception at the New York Marriott Hotel East Side Register in advance. Space is limited*.
                    You can register more than one person. Visit receptions  
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8:00 PM       Conclusion of Day One of the Conference

Join us for more than 26 informative, engaging panel discussions with time for audience Q&A. Register today as space is limited*. We hope to see you there. 

Tuesday April 30, 2019 - Day Two of the Conference from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Shearman & Sterling LLP at 599 Lexington Avenue, at corner of 53rd Street
Check back for updates. Content, order and times are subject to change
The speakers' bios are posted here 

7:30 AM        Registration and Breakfast 
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8:40 AM II.1  Alternatives: Royalties, Streaming, Pre-Payments: Part One - Shearman Room  

KPMG LLP Canada: Ronald Maiorano, Partner, US Corporate Tax Services (Ch)
Franco-Nevada Corporation: Adrian Wong, CPA, CA, Director, Taxation
Shearman & Sterling LLP: Cynthia Urda Kassis, Co-Head of Mining & Metals Group, Partner, Project Development & Finance
To be announced

This panel will discuss alternative and traditional sources of Capital for Miners to consider as well as the legal and tax attributes and considerations associated with these different ways of employing capital in the Mining World.

8:40 AM  II.1A Importance & Use of Geo-Metallurgy in Scoping & Feasibility Studies - Conference Room G/H 

Wood Plc: Chris Wright Technical Director Resource Estimation and Geometallurgy (Ch)
Hoal Consulting: Karin Olson Hoal, Principal
Samuel Engineering: Al Kuestermeyer, Senior Process Engineer /Expert
To be announced

Geometallurgy involves the integration of geological and metallurgical or mineral processing information.  Laboratory, field and plant data can be used to predict future metallurgical performance and understand current processing issues based on feed characteristics throughout the asset life cycle including process design at project stage, tactical response in operation and geochemical release for closure.  The understanding of geometallurgical relationships allows for design optimization, asset performance improvement and risk mitigation.  The panel will discuss approaches for: (1) Ore characterization; (2) Process design; (3) Plant sampling and (4) Geomet reconciliation 

9:30 AM  II.2   Alternative Sources of Capital in Mining: Part Two - Shearman Room

Duff & Phelps Canada Ltd: Alan Lee CA, CFA, CBV, Managing Director, Valuation Advisory Services (Ch)
Royal Gold Inc.: Alistair Baker, Director, Corporate Development
BNP Paribas Securities Corp.: Antonio Pichardo, Director Structured Debt Metals & Mining
To be announced

Trends in Investment in a Future Product Stream – Prior to the last decade, most mining development was funded through two instruments, direct equity and direct debt (loans to be paid in either cash or product). More recently, investments have become more creative, both in terms of payback and flexibility of payback. Royalties have always had a role, but the metals streaming and off-take agreements by both traders and refiners have become much more mainstream. The panel will consist of parties active in this segment of the mining finance industry.

9:30 AM II.2A Investment Implications of U.S. SEC’s Rule S-K 1300 - Conference Room G/H

SRK Consulting (U.S.), Inc.: Ben Parsons BSc, MSc, MAusIMM (CP), Principal Consultant (Resource Geology) (Ch)
SRK Consulting: Neal Rigby, PhD, CEng, AIME, MIMMM, Corporate Consultant (Mining)  
To be announced
To be announced

This panel will focus on the investment implications of the U.S. SEC’s Rule S-K 1300 and what it may mean for existing or new potential listings, and what mining companies may need to do to get their projects ready.

10:20 AM        Refreshment Break 
                       Sponsored by Hatch Advisory

10:40 AM II.3  Getting the Attention of Investors for Exploration Finance: What Has Changed? - Shearman Room

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP: Frank Mariage, BSc, LLB, Partner, Global Mining Group (Ch)
Quebec Precious Metals Corporation: Normand Champigny, Chief Executive Officer
Monarques Gold Corporation: Jean-Marc Lacoste, President and Chief Executive Officer
Desjardins Securities: Bruno Kaiser, Managing Director and Head of Metals & Mining
Clear Creek Digital: Trevor Hall, President

During the first quarter of 2018 and for the first time ever, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) surpassed the TSX and TSX Venture Exchange in mining financing. When considering all other investment opportunities present within the Canadian market over the last 18 to 24 months, notably those related to cannabis and crypto-currency, can one be really surprised about the attention and capital these “new” investments received? The panel, comprised of seasoned mining executives, communications specialist and investment analyst, will aim to explore the reasons behind this shift and what exploration / development companies can and should do in this evolving environment.

10:40 AM II.3A Minerals and Mining Project Appraisal and Valuation - Conference Room G/H

Stagg Resource Consultants, Inc.: Alan Stagg, PG, CMA, President (Ch)
Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc.: Jonathan Rose, Managing Director, Head, Metals & Mining Americas
To be announced
To be announced

Value is a perception, which typically varies widely among individual investors. Additionally, what drives value can vary for any given investor over time, depending on global and domestic economic conditions, global and domestic markets, political and cultural factors, and investor-specific circumstances, among other issues. This session’s panelists, which represent differing segments of the investment community, will provide their perceptions regarding current drivers of value in the mining sector, their perceptions of how these have changed over the recent past, and thoughts on value issues going forward. Additionally, the relationship between valuation—in this discussion considered to be a less formal and more investor-specific approach, and appraisals - considered to be a more structured and formal overall market approach, will be explored.

11:30 AM II.4  China Driving Demand, Prices and Opportunities – Shearman Room

CRU: Alex Laugharne, Principal
Wiley Rein LLP: Robert Defrancesco, Partner
To be announced 
To be announced

This panel of experts will discuss: the importance China’s evolving policies towards raw materials and manufacturing has on current global trends in the mining industry, including commodity demand, investment and supply; How China is investing capital in other markets and the impact its investment is having on global costs and material availability. The panelists will also discuss China's demand for key commodities, including critical minerals and its potential economic growth and influence on the global commodity markets over the next several years.

11:30 AM II.4A Mining Cost and Operating Issues and Trends - Conference Room G/H

InfoMine USA: Jennifer Leinart, Director, President (Ch)
Roscoe Postle Associates: Grant Malensek, M.Eng., P.Eng./P.Geo., Principal Engineer (Ch)
To be announced
To be announced

Two industry trends are reported declines in productivity and challenging returns on investment in the mining industry, on average. What are mining companies doing to reverse these trends? What are examples of best practices and methods and tools used to overcome the challenges management and miners face declining ore grades, the need to go deeper, and comply with more regulations.

12:20 PM      Key Note Speaker Lunch
12:35 PM      Key Note Speaker - to be announced 
Sponsored by __________

1:30 PM II.5   Managing Social Issues in a Changing World - Shearman Room 
Sponsored by ______________

Ramboll: Sharon Maharg, Senior Managing Consultant, International Finance & EISA Services (Ch)
Social Capital Group s.a.c.: Walter Arensberg, Managing Director
ING: Melisa Simic, Vice President, Sustainable Finance
To be announced
To be announced

In today’s changing world, getting mining projects up and running successfully must take stakeholder engagement to another level in order to ensure project acceptance from local communities early in the project and manage expectations throughout the project cycle. Management strategies must aim to ensure that a reasonable number of jobs are made available during both the construction and operations phases to local workers (both male and female); establish skills training programs for the local communities and early enough in the project schedule so local unskilled workers can be trained and eligible for jobs when they become available; procure as many goods and services from the local communities as possible; and create local benefits for communities by understanding and responding to their needs. Such strategies are especially important as organized opposition from environmental NGOs, indigenous groups, and others has grown more sophisticated and widespread and the risks to mining projects has increased accordingly. Panelists will examine the roots of these challenges and assess the effectiveness of corporate strategies and methods for addressing them.

1:30 PM  II.5A Transforming Mines with Integrated Digital Operational Platforms - Conference Room G/H 

RPM Global: Michael Baldwin, Executive General Manager – Product Strategy (Ch)
IDS GeoRadar: John Metzger, Geomatics Services Projects Coordinator
To be announced
To be announced

The Digital Mine: Amplifying Decision Making Capability: In today’s mining landscape no topic is talked about more than digital transformation.  The term digital transformation can mean many things to many people and really what does “being digital” actually mean? In today’s mining operations what value does digital transformation deliver? In this panel speakers will look at key pillars that make up any digital transformation, the challenges it introduces and through the use of real world case studies will explore what value being digital actually brings to the industry.

2:20 PM  II.6   Measuring Climate Risk to Mining and Infrastructure Projects - Shearman Room

Watson Environmental: Leslie M. Watson, Principal (Ch)
The Climate Service: James McMahon, CEO
S&P Global Ratings: Don Marleau, Natural Resources Sector Lead
S&P Global Ratings: Mike Ferguson, Director U.S. Energy Infrastructure Group

Where money, risk, and environment collide. A discussion on the overlap with climate related risks. The panelists will be discussion measuring climate-related risks and financial mechanism to identify, evaluate, and transfer risk. The discussion focuses on measuring risk and opportunity, how this influences finance ratings, and the use of parametric insurance.

                        Sponsored by _____________

2:20 PM  II.6A Using Block Chain Technology for Responsible Minerals Assurance – Conference Room G/H

To be announced
To be announced
To be announced
To be announced

3:10 PM           Refreshment Break
                        Sponsored by Hatch Advisory

3:30 PM  II.7    Navigating the U.S. Permitting System and Operating Environment - Conference Room G/H

To be confirmed  
To be confirmed 
To be confirmed 
To be confirmed  

3:30 PM   II.7A  Water Risks: Approaches to Avoid Problems and Failure - Shearman Room

Intera, Inc: Peter Castiglia, P.G., Senior Hydrogeologist (Ch)
Westech Engineering, Inc.: Mick L. McCaslin, P.E., International Sales Manager (Ch)
Columbia University Water Center: Paulina Concha, Researcher
To be announced

This panel will identify the water risks common to most mineral development projects, illustrate common approaches for characterizing and controlling water risks, and share examples of how disruptions from water problems can have severe impacts on the financial performance of a development or operating company.

4:20 PM  II.8  Favorable Investment Jurisdictions in Mining & Minerals Sector in the Americas - Part OneShearman Room

To be announced
To be announced
To be announced
To be announced

4:20 PM II.8A  Favorable Investment Jurisdictions in Mining & Minerals Sector in the Americas - Part Two - Conference Room G/H

To be announced
To be announced
To be announced
To be announced

5:10 PM        Closing Remarks by Conference Chair

5:15-8:00      Reception at Shearman & Sterling - Register.
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8:00 PM        Conclusion of Day Two of the Conference

Wednesday May 1, 2019 - Three Workshops
Shearman & Sterling LLP at 599 Lexington Avenue, at corner of 53rd Street

Select one of two morning workshops: Breakfast 7:45 AM, Start 8:30 AM, End 11:30 AM, Lunch Ends 1 PM and or join us for an afternoon workshop: Lunch at Noon, Start at 12:30, Ends at 4 PM.

Wednesday May 1, 2019 from 8 to 11:30 AM prior to lunch at Shearman & Sterling

III. Valuing Mineral Assets and Operations – Understanding Valuation Issues – led by Alan Stagg, PG, CMA, President, Principal Economic Geologist, Stagg Resource Consultants

IV. Are you ready? A Comprehensive Approach to Navigate the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s New Mining Property Disclosure Requirements – led by Ben Parsons, Principal Geologist, SRK Consulting (U.S.), Inc. and team

Wednesday May 1, 2019 lunch from Noon to 1 PM at Shearman & Sterling 
All Wednesday workshop attendees are welcome to join us for lunch to continue your conversations and or unwind, relax and recharge before the start of the afternoon workshop and official end of the Conference.
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Wednesday May 1, 2019 from Noon to 4 PM - Starting after lunch at Shearman & Sterling
This, the fifth workshop may start earlier than 1 PM, possibly at 12:30 PM. If registering to attend this workshop, the organizers will contact you with updates. Please join us for lunch, promptly at Noon

V.  Measuring Climate Risk: An Interactive Workshop on Meaningful Measures of Climate Risks in Relation to Financing Mining and Infrastructure Projects - led by Leslie Watson, Watson Environmental; James McMahon, CEO of The Climate Service; Donald Marleau, Natural Resources Sector Lead, S&P Global Ratings; and Michael Ferguson, Director U.S. Energy Infrastructure Group, S&P Global Ratings.

Wednesday May 1, 2019 - the CTMF Conference ends at 4 PM

Read about the five workshops here and join the CTMF sponsors. 


Register to attend any portion of CTMF 2019 here

Attending CTMF 2018 were 
senior representatives from these exploration and mining companies and Government agencies supporting and others involved in investing in minerals resource and mining activities world wide including: Agnico Mines Ltd; Ascendant Resources; Aura Minerals; Australian Trade & Investment Commission; BlackRock Metals; BQ Energy; Coeur Mining Inc.; Commerce Resources Corp.; Controlled Thermal Resources; Dundee Precious Metals Inc.; EIT RawMaterials; Ero Copper Corporation; First Mining Gold Corp; Franco Nevada; Freeport McMoRan; GeoMega Resources; German Mineral Resources Agency (DERA); Glencore; Government of Canada; Government of Mexico; Government of Québec; Grupo Mineros S.A.; Hecla Mining; Investissement Québec; Kintavar Exploration; KrownCorp Inc.; Lundin Mining; Mexico – Sub Secretary of Mining; Mining Development Bank of Mexico (FIFOMI); Mining and Common Good; Nemaska Lithium; Newmont Mining Corp.; Nouveau Monde Graphite; NovaGold Resources; Osisko Mining; Paringa Resources; Peñoles; Pucara Resources; Government of Quebec; Resource Capital Funds; Ressources Québec; Rincon Lithium; Royal Gold; Sandstorm Gold; Sirios Resources; Societe Du Plan Nord Québec; Sphinx Resources; Sprott Resources; State of Alaska; State of Durango, Mexico; Stornoway Diamonds; Swiss Re; Torex Gold Resources; Westmoreland Coal and

Also attending CTMF are senior officers and executives from the legal, accounting, banking, private equity, valuation experts, engineering, environmental and advisory sectors. Register today to hear speak and meet many leading experts who work with, advise and fund large, medium and smaller mining and exploration companies world wide and are involved with evaluating and funding related equipment and infrastructure providers. To download a flier about CTMF 2018 - click here 

CTMF combines discussion of technical, non-technical and financial issues and trends impacting raising capital, with the experiences of many leading decision makers in the global mining business.

  • Learn about new forms and methods of financing exploration, mines and mining.
  • Hear about and meet the people advising private equity, making private placements as well as funding projects using traditional means, project finance.
  • Also hear about, again from industry leaders and experts, new technology, best practices and other innovations and issues impacting the industry including what some governments are doing to encourage investment in mining and related sectors.

Below is Anthony O'Neill, Group Executive, Technical & Sustainability, Anglo American plc - giving a key note re FutureSmart Mining TM  at CTMF 2017  
Visit the agenda to see more details about the speakers who will be addressing these and other topics:

  • Bankers’ View of Capital Markets and Mine Financing - multiple round table panels about recent deals, M&A, restructurings, where, how and who is raising capital, what issues are most prominent.
  • Evaluating, Structuring Finance and Funding of Mining Companies and Projects including discussion of alternative capital sources, royalties, streaming, debt, project finance, pre-payments, and off take agreements.
  • Analysts’ View of Metals and Minerals Markets - multiple panels about global metals, mining, technology, energy and battery market trends, including discussion about supply, demand, and prices for base, precious, industrial and critical metals 
  • Technology, Smart Data, Innovation - multiple panels by leading experts about the industry using data and innovation to manage operating and capital costs and risk, as well as to stay compliant with changing standards and regulations 

  • Managing Changes of Rules and Regulations - multiple panels about best practices and anticipating and managing in an ever-changing regulatory landscape, including tax codes and standards involving sustainability and societal and political risk
  • Engaging Stakeholders For Success - multiple panels about non-technical and communal, regulatory rules and best practices and case studies involving mining and infrastructure development and finance - impacted by societal, economic, and technical issues
  • Best Practices re Reserves and Resources - including discussion of recent changes to rules and definitions and harmonization of mining codes and regulations including panels about the U.S. SEC's S-K 1300 revising of Industry Guide 7 
  • Government Policy to Support and Attract Investment in mining and related sectors, including technology 
  • And other current topics, trends, issues, best practices and case studies
Mr. Ross Bhappu, Partner, Head of Private Equity Funds at Resource Capital Funds will be a Key Note Speaker at CTMF 2019. 

Join all in an inviting environment with time for audience Q&A and one-on-one meetings with attendees, speakers and others from the New York financial, analyst, investor and business community. Titles of attendees include: CEO, President, Partner, Executive Director, Project Manager, Banker, VP, Engineering & Development, Corporate Finance Specialist, CFO, Treasurer, Consultant, Managing Director, Geologist, Corporate Strategist, Investor, Environmental Specialist, Engineer, Mining Engineer, Lawyer, Financial Analyst, Accountant, Portfolio Manager, Controller, CTO - Chief Technology Officer, Global Leaders of Mining and Natural Resources, Founder and Community Engagement and Investor Relations Officer.

Shown below Conference delegates attend a panel discussion about Engaging Stakeholders for Long Term Project Success
New York SME thanks all sponsors and
welcomes you to join them. Contact Tim Alch conference co chair if you have questions. All help make it possible to meet in New York. 

Shown below is an engaging panel discussion re: Restructuring Mining Companies: Second Chance for Success.
Daily Summary of CTMF 2019 Events. We hope you join us!  
Check back for updates. Schedule is subject to changes.

  • Sunday April 28, 2019: Two Workshops Noon - 4:30 PM at New York Marriott East Side Hotel and Reception 5:00 - 7:00 PM at New York Marriott East Side Hotel
  • Monday April 29, 2019: Conference - Day One 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM at Shearman & Sterling LLP and Reception 6:00 - 8:00 PM at New York Marriott East Side Hotel
  • Tuesday April 30, 2019: Conference - Day Two 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM at Shearman & Sterling LLP and Reception 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM at Shearman & Sterling LLP
  • Wednesday May 1, 2019: Three Workshops 8 AM - 4 PM at Shearman & Sterling LLP
In addition to engaging panel discussions, CTMF offers all the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists. We hope you join us! 

We hope to see you at  
Save the dates - Sunday April 28 - Wednesday May 1, 2019
SME's 7th annual Current Trends in Mining Finance Conference: Smarter Mining and Finance: 
How are Technology and Innovation Disrupting Mining Economics? New Frontiers and Risks
Connecting Mining, Finance and Engineering Executives TM 
Revisit this website for updates. The schedule and speakers are subject to change. Download a flier re CTMF 2018 The format of CTMF 2019 will be similar to the 2018 event and held in the same wonderful venues shown in pictures in this site. * Space is limited. The organizers monitor registrations periodically. Registration closed early in 2018 and 2017. We may require some registered delegates to be present in a second board conference room that will have live video and audio feed to the main conference or conference room G/H and or attend in a third board room to watch and hear via live audio/video feed. Additional rooms and space adjacent to the main conference room are places to relax, network, meet one on one, for quiet phone conversations, or work. Join the sponsors For hotel suggestions click here