SME Student Chapter from Medellin, Colombia visiting SME Student Chapter in Germany

By Heather A. Gravning posted 05-18-2017 01:51 PM

A group of students from the SME Student Chapter inMedellin, Colombia will be visiting the SME Student Chapter in Germany. Thanks to funding by a program offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) called: "Study Visits for Groups of Foreign Students to Germany - 2017". Fifteen students and professor Oscar Jaime Restrepo will visit three different universities, TU Freiberg University, TU Clausthal University and TFH Bochum Georg Agricola. There, they will learn the mining practices in the region and history, visit some mines, attend some academic lectures and meet with different students. At Clausthal they will meet with the MINEX Student Chapter to share some knowledge and experiences.

The students want to learn about the german culture and their way of living and have been doing some research and group presentations about the environment that they are going to be involved in. They hope this trip will be an opportunity to open their minds, learn and enrich their knowledge to deal with the situations they live with in their country. Below, are the students, professors, and trip sponsors.

We wish them an exciting adventure and can't wait to hear what they learned.