Big Data
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A recent survey* of more than 70 mining companies and individuals identified Big Data analytics, the so-called ‘internet of things’ at the top of 10 technologies that will “rock the mining world” by 2025.
  • What is the impact of proliferation of massive amounts of data due to low cost to generate, collect and store it?
  • How to overcome challenges to develop meaningful results? Learn how to raise the odds of success and optimize exploration, mining, processing, project and supply chain management and procurement.
  • How can smaller companies realize the benefits?
  • What trends if any are unique to the mining industry?
*source MJ article

Read "What is Big Data?" at Forbes.com. 
Highlighting Companies and Technology that Incorporate High-Tech Innovation in the Mining Industry. The focus is on More Accurate Analysis of Data to More Confidently Make Better Decisions that Lead to Greater Operational Efficiencies, Cost Reductions and Reduced Risk. 


Artificial Intelligence in the Mining Industry 

Successful Applications of Big Data in the Mining Industry 

What are the Future Possibilities: What to Do Next? 

Cloud computing and big data technology to rapidly generate and prioritize a large number of mine designs.

Examples of success applying artificial intelligence in exploration geology and the mining sector.

The next evolution in Remote Operating Centers (ROCs).

Applying big data analytical software in the cloud to evaluate the probability of different outcomes and the related financial implications in mining. 

Supply chain optimization in mining and related transport and logistics.

Technologies and experience from elsewhere and how to apply to mining.

Sustainable mineral resource development and optimization under uncertainty.

Lessons learned in infrastructure planning applied to mining.  

Finding solutions to overcome management and technology challenges from existing, legacy business systems to improve the bottom line.

Recent advances in cloud based, machine learning that can benefit the mining industry.

Minerals processing:  a science that can benefit from recent advances in data sciences and related technologies.

New technologies and approaches for miners to explore and develop mining projects.

How asset intensive companies can get the most out of existing information systems.

Using powerful, practical solutions to allow operators to focus on process improvement and asset utilization instead of user training.


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